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Silicon Valley's biggest entrepreneurs aren't the hottest. And that's a problem.

BY Juhi Gupta

Since the dawn of time, hot people and rich people have ruled our society. One would think: of course, rich people are hot, and hot people are rich. Rich people are hot because they can afford to be, and hot people are rich because people like them.

But recently, the technological revolution in the Silicon Valley has lent itself to a peculiar new social form: the rise of the ugly billionaire. I know what you're thinking – what? There's no such thing! But I'm here to tell you that there is.

We know we love them for their money and their gross human rights infringements, but these billionaires are sorely lacking in the hotness department. But have no fear! Here's what they would look like if they got nose jobs, put on some Brooks Brothers, and wore moisturizer every once in a while.