thinking tho(ug)hts

Art can be anti-capitalist, but art is not politics. Art that does politics right is different from art that does politics wrong, and art that doesn’t do politics. Art that does politics wrong: Banksy. Banksy has, at best, tired and, at worst, reactionary takes.

Good art is political. Not just because it’s fulfilling –because it’s disruptive. Good art is about the current milieu. If good art is about the past or future, it must be mediated by the current moment. Good art speaks to the present. The current moment is intense, chaotic, bizarre – ‘light’ or ‘modernist’ or ‘minimalist’ art feels dated because it is not about our current moment. It doesn’t say anything, and it doesn’t disrupt. It falls within the conventions of the art world.

Good art is now.

To be political is to expose the state of the world as it is (not masking). It is either anti- or post-. Disrupting has to be confrontational.

Bad art about politics is about representation.

Good art should be more explicit, do more labor.

Banksy is intended to be consumed as superficial woke-ness, like Vampire Diaries is passively consumed.

The world suffers from the ritualization of the gallery space, and the ritualization of interaction with art. Even societal critique is ritualized/normalized, removing the unsettling (visually and politically.) = lib shit!

Rich people go to the museum as a pleasurable cultural experience. Woke rich people (creative elite) go to the relational aesthetics piece and have soup.

**Art serving the purpose of the liberal elite.